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Your Team

Lawrence Smith

Squad Leader,

Responsibilities: Strategy, Information Architecture/UX, Project Management, Implementation.

Ex ski area marketing manager, Digital agency owner, currently developing as well as working on other client projects. I’ve worked in the ski industry since 1993, working with every ski area in NZ, and developed digital platforms for dozens of ski areas in NZ and offshore.

I’m a keen skier who has lived and travelled to a number of continents skiing (including Antarctica), and have worked with numerous ski areas to promote their businesses online, truly do “get” what you’re trying to achieve.  My interest in particular is conversion, and CRM, and the challenges to not only inspire visitors but to capture their data, and use marketing automation to better understand their interests and validate them as potential customers.

Previous clients include: Panorama Mountain Resort, Bella Coola Heli skiing, Mount Ruapehu, Cardrona and Treble Cone Ski Areas, Ohau Snow Fields, Mt Dobson, Porters Ski Area, Ski TMN (Tourism NZ JV), numerous DMOs in NZ and the US

Lizzie Davidson

Conversion Copywriter,

Responsibilities. Content primarily, input into IA/UX

As Lizzie says … Fill your inbox with inquiries from your ideal clients by making your website your best salesperson. Use content marketing to attract clients who dig your vibe, love your work, and pay you what you’re worth. The right words close deals, so let’s make your words kick arse.

Clients include; Destination Queenstown and numerous DMOs.

Dave Hockly

Director, Analytics and Optimisation Specialist,

Responsibilities: SEO. Keyword audit, content recommendations, SEO implementation and/or reporting as required

UX, growth and conversion optimisation form many of the processes I follow. I design and configure enterprise level web analytics. I also go a level higher and help organisations calculate their CACs, ROIs and develop campaign reporting processes. I tailor optimisation programs and create useful dashboards for your organisation. Like a coach for businesses that want to be more data and customer driven.

Clients include; Cardrona and Treble Cone ski areas (NZ), The Alpine Group (Southern Lakes Heliski), Destination Queenstown

Henriette Nass

A typography obsessed graphic designer,

Responsibilities: Art Direction, graphic design, all around design gatekeeper!

I’ll help you make sure that every aspect of your brand feels like you and conveys the message your clients need to hear.

Once your brand reflects who you truly are, we can:

  • Improve your website with clean, considered design and beautiful graphics.
  • Create attractive educational content including downloads and lead magnets.
  • Up your digital marketing game with branded images and infographics.

Clients include; Panorama Mountain Resort, Destination Queenstown, Lake Wanaka Tourism, numerous tourism brands in NZ and the US


Dave in particular would need:

  • Google search console access
  • Google analytics access
  • Confirmed list of competitors to analyse
  • Insights on who the customers are and their path to purchase
  • Hubspot form submissions to redirect to a page if possible/applicable (simplified tracking)

In principle this isn’t a big job, and the timeframes present no issue.  Content, as always, will require the most time, but Lizzie is a superstar and will definitely deliver on time.

In terms of how we’ll work together, it will look like this.

  • Once confirmed, Lawrence and Lizzie will work on some of the background research. Some of this will involve you, specifically helping us understand your competitors, and your customers. Completion, July 22.
  • Competitor and customer findings will be sent to Dave, for his research around keywords, helping inform the content development. Completion, July 29.
  • Lawrences finishes the strategy, which encapsulates this information, defining the goals of the site, the personas, their content interests, and ultimately the information architecture. Completion, July 29.
  • Lizzie starts writing content. Completion, Aug 19.
  • Lawrence deploys the site and sets up the structure, ready for content. Completion, Aug 12.
  • Henriette (H) reviews the templates and required design elements. Completion, Aug 19.
  • Lawrence modifies the templates, adds content and design elements. Completion, Aug 26
  • Dave works SEO magic and optimises site. Completion, Aug 30
  • Site Launches, Wednesday, August 31


1. Have you built tourism websites? What ones are your pride and joy?

Panorama (still current) was without doubt the best site we built the last few years, well, actually Lake Wanaka Tourism was as well (since replaced, although we were engaged for the strategy on the new site, and choosing vendors).  Both sites inspired a number of clones (people who copied them) but while looking great, I am not sure people actually understood why they were copying them. The fact is, these projects worked so well for two reasons. The first, true collaboration. The Second. Total trust. We were challenged to do something different, and the clients were on board with the ideas.  And actually, there was a third reason, they really worked and delivered on goals.

2. Are you working on many other projects?

As the principle on the project (Lawrence), No. Having sold my business, I work periodically on projects of interest. The agency world is broken, I now work with clients are looking for change.

3. How much of this project would you need to outsource?

As noted, we’re all freelancers, primarily. Yet we’ve all worked together. Lawrence is the lead, he’s the guy who you’ll turn to when you need help or advice.

4. Post go live - what happens if something needs fixing or was not done that was asked for after going live?

Lawrence is your man. If you paid for it and it’s not done (very unlikely), we’ll sort it out. If it’s an extra, that’s no problem. We’re here to make this work.

the package 

Our Solution

We’re a team of marketeers, and our solution delivers business. Your site is literally a tool that tells your story and helps potential customers come on your journey.

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The Team and our Process

We’re a group of seasoned independent experts in digital, content, design, and marketing. No first-year interns here, just a collection of industry professionals who are top of their game.

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Your Investment

A new website is serious business. That’s why much of our proposal is about generating business, like content, marketing, and calls to action/CRM.  Don’t get us wrong, you need a great site, but it’s the business focus that will deliver.

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Got Questions? 

Lawrence is the project lead. He lives for powder, has a passion for Japan (poor mans heli), skied more than 100 days per season for a few years, has run a digital agency for 20 years. He now likes to think he’s semi-retired, working on projects and with people that inspire him.