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Outcomes specifically would include:

  • A review of the existing and desired target markets, to understand the customer interests
  • A review of key competitors to understand messaging and focus, and where opportunities exist
  • The development of a strategy, underpinning and defining the goals of the development
  • Project management of the development and coordination with team members and clients
  • Execution of the infrastructure implementation

In conjunction with the team, Lawrence will lead the strategy and manage the project. He’s worked with nearly every ski area in NZ over the past 25 years, many offshore, and has spent his entire professional career marketing tourism and recreation online.  Strategy obviously is more than just aligning with customer journey, “Dream, Plan, Book”. Inspiration is relatively easy, especially with heliski operations, but generating interest and driving conversion is a greater challenge. Working closely with analytics helps identify where the opportunities lie, tricky at this point give the numbers are quite low.

As part of the strategic review, Lawrence is interested in the overarching strategy, the information architecture (IA), but also the on and offsite conversion processes. Dependant on the CRM, he would also help look at some of the marketing automation components, to ensure that the ongoing communication works towards those goals of driving direct sales. This could include post inquiry surveys and could even extend to reviewing existing guest communication and the optimization of referral programmes etc.

Off-the shelf, fast and simple. We’re recommending using WordPress, and most likely a template builder such as Divi, on which this proposal is built. This makes it fast, easy and more cost effective to deploy a custom site, with much less risk. But most importantly, it allows you to change, and not be constrained by a custom design. Every site has a constraint of some sort, but after 20 years building custom sites, my philosophy now is to use the best “off-the-shelf” tools available. Custom sites are cool, but they add a level of cost, constraint and construction time that as a smaller operation you don’t need.

Templates do sometimes have some drawbacks, namely not the precise level of design and customisation that some of your competitors have achieved. But, this is balanced by your ability make changes quickly and cost effectively, allowing you to focus more specifically on user needs and conversion. One of the best things about Divi however is not just the template builder, but the ability to save pre-made “content blocks” to your Divi Cloud, allowing you to quickly and precisely build new pages with a collection of blocks. Simple as!


Outcomes specifically would include:

  • The implementation of a CMS and a templating builder, likely to be WordPress with Divi or Elementor
  • Hosting setup and installation of CMS
  • Customization of templates
  • Development of the site structure ready for content population


Outcomes specifically would include:

  • Art direction of the template choice and customization of “library elements”
  • Development of icons, graphical elements and infographics

Using a templated approach doesn’t mean we’re abandoning design, it’s means that we’re focusing on what is important. The content and the user.  The “Dream” phase we mentioned is about powerful imagery and video, supported by great editorial. Be assured that while we’ll be using and customising a template, the overall design will be reviewed by an art director, who will also produce the many graphical elements required.

As far as the interactive elements, they are time intensive, and can present challenges to support on mobile, so we’re suggesting potentially using strong iconography and/or infographic type approaches in place of these elements. Essentially we’d be using these icons or imagery in place of interactive, giving a simple and quick snapshot of the benefits.   For example, for travel to Bear Claw we suggest icons, possibly overlayed on a map:

  • Plane icon, to Vancouver
  • Plane icon, Vancouver to Smithers, 1hr 35m
  • Shuttle and Heli icon, Smithers to Bear Claw, 1hr 45m, or 20m!

This approach can more simply, quickly and effectively tell a story, on both desktop and mobile.

The old saying is that “content is king”. Nothing is more true. As we’ve said, we’re taking a different approach here, a content first approach. While design might initially appeal, it’s the content that will engage and sell. 

    We look at the market you serve and the problems you solve for them, dig deep into services, and your story.
    Understand why your clients choose you, what they value most about you, and how they talk about what you do.
    We look at your competitors’ digital marketing, along with brands you admire, to discover opportunities. 
    We agree the structure for your site. We create really ugly site maps in Word that tell you what content will go on each page (and why).
    We’ll write a couple of sample pages to make sure you’re happy with the vibe and voice.
    Once we’re on track,We’ll write the rest of your website copy using simple wireframes ensuring everyone knows how content sits on the page.

4. Content

Outcomes specifically would include:

  • Website planning, including
    • Discovery workshop.
    • Interviewing up to 4 clients / experts
    • Researching competitors.
    • Recommendations for website structure as required
  • Content development for up to 10 pages, based around stakeholder interviews and keyword research (see last section)

5. Site Marketing And SEO

Outcomes specifically would include:

  • Keyword Research Report

  • Optional SEO actions 

We’re using “SEO” here as a catchall term for several options. The first is a Keyword Research Report. This comes early on and informs the content development. We’d look at what terms, and therefore “explainer pages” are most likely to resonate with your target audience. It would include:

  • Current ranking by topic and intent
  • Competitor analysis
  • Google Search Console review
  • Sort Keywords to go after based on difficulty & value
    • longtail plan and dream keyword recommendations
    • SERP content pack recommendations
  • Link/traffic opportunities in the European context (light)

 Secondly, there’s a number of optional SEO actions to complete:

  • Google Search Console (GSC) verification, submit sitemap
  • Link to Google Analytics and GSC
  • Set up Google business listings if applicable
  • GA4 set up via GTM/WP plugin, Including on your booking engine, follow GA setup best practice (google signals etc)
  • Recommend tracking clicks to call, email, form submissions, clicks to social, set up goals/mark conversion actions in Google Analytics
  • Place hubspot tracking script onsite if applicable
  • Option to set up Facebook pixel
  • Option to monitor KW performance post go-live + Google Search ads, retargeting/ Dream, plan book, rebook strategy

the package 

Our Solution

We’re a team of marketeers, and our solution delivers business. Your site is literally a tool that tells your story and helps potential customers come on your journey.

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The Team and our Process

We’re a group of seasoned independent experts in digital, content, design, and marketing. No first-year interns here, just a collection of industry professionals who are top of their game.

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Your Investment

A new website is serious business. That’s why much of our proposal is about generating business, like content, marketing, and calls to action/CRM.  Don’t get us wrong, you need a great site, but it’s the business focus that will deliver.

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Got Questions? 

Lawrence is the project lead. He lives for powder, has a passion for Japan (poor mans heli), skied more than 100 days per season for a few years, has run a digital agency for 20 years. He now likes to think he’s semi-retired, working on projects and with people that inspire him.